What is Pikia?

Pikia is a classic top-down style MMORPG that focuses on player community. The game is still a work in progress, but the team has a lot of experience with this genre of games, and we are determined to make Pikia better than its predecessors.

The Team

Hayden - Programmer. Creator of Goose, Aspereta private server. Enjoyed Aspereta and to a lesser extent Illutia. I want to recreate the feel of Aspereta's community and endgame. When I'm not programming Pikia I'm usually riding my motorcycle or working on my car.

Grant - Programmer. Also enjoyed Aspereta and played Illutia. Some other games I’ve played are ROSE online, Dragon’s Nest, and Maple Story. I have been creating (but not always finishing) games for a long time now. I also work on old Toyotas, ride motorcycles, and play drums. I am definitely excited to be working on Pikia!

Story of Pikia

“Ahh, I’m glad you made it!” A cloaked figure calls out as you approach the poorly constructed tent. “You’ve done well to get here,” she remarks before ushering you inside. As you drift through the buzzing crowd you find yourself wondering if it is the same cloaked figure who appeared at your house weeks ago. You spot a seat next to a young boy and decide to sit down. The boy smiles nervously as you settle in. A week ago you wouldn’t have flinched as you slit his throat, but now you know better.

Before long a cloaked figure appears on the main stage and all noises cease. His croaky voice booms through the tent. “Before we begin, take a look at your surroundings and tell me what you see.” You scan the tent and notice, not men and women, but boys and girls. The whole place reeks of fear and despair.

“Take a look” you hear the boy next to you whisper. A girl no older than three pops out from behind his legs. “Nobody else brought their mother or father” the girl chuckles innocently as you wonder what the boy has been through.

“Youths of Pikia hear me out. You have seen for yourselves the mindless aggression that has taken over our land. The adults that led us, can lead no longer. You have seen their eyes redden as they lose their mind. That is why you are here!” The cloaked figure steps forward and pulls down his hood, the others guarding the tent follow suit. Gasps echo through the room as you and the others notice almost all of them are elderly men and women. Their eyes show they are unaffected by the virus. The man continues his speech. “The wars started by your parents have affected us all, but we must not blame each other. We need to forget the past or there will be no future!”

“That is easy for you to say” One of the youths nearby interrupts with scorn, “you weren’t even there!” A few of the others mumble and nod in support. “Where were you when our kingdoms fell one after the other? Where were you when the King’s army slayed my father? Or when our boarders fell and my sister was burnt alive at the stake? Applause follow as the boy finishes speaking.

“You are right,” the man replies solemnly. “We failed. We underestimated the attack. A similar thing happened one hundred years ago, and we were able to prevent it. We sought to do the same again, but the attack had evolved and we failed. There is no cure for red eyes, only death awaits the infected. We recently discovered a prevention and that is why we have returned.

“One hundred years…?” The crowd begins to murmur again. “So the magus are back?” The youth who spoke out earlier asks in disbelief. You think back to all the stories you heard as a baby, about the heroes with powerful magic. The legends of our land that vanished many years ago. Could it all be true?

“You are correct,” an old woman by the door responds, “but we don’t have time for this. The youth of Pikia must unite if there is any hope of survival. This infection is not an accident. It is only the beginning.”

“Lina is right,” the old man speaks again. “There is no time to discuss all the details. We need to gather as many followers as we can before it is too late. I must leave now to warn others like you. Those of you who wish to join will gain access to our youth camps and outposts across the land, and when we have time we promise to explain the situation further.” The man reaches into his cloak and pulls out a small green potion. “Whether you choose to join us or not, the prevention is free.” The man disappears in an instant replaced with a table covered in potions. You slip into the crowd of youths, and take a potion as you head towards an exit. The formerly cloaked lady stands at the door, inscribing names onto a scroll as each person leaves the tent. As you approach the door you hear her ask “Will you be joining us on our quest to save Pikia?”