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Hello everyone! We apologize for disappearing without any news for a while. We are still here, and we are still working on Pikia, but not a whole lot was done over the months of September and October due to other work getting in the way.

Changes from last time

In the previous blog we were working on two-handed item logic and splitting stacks of items into smaller stacks. Both of those features are complete, but they don't really deserve their own release, so we will save them for the next demo update.

Besides those features we have been doing the usual cleanup and organization of code that we think can be improved. Which keeps future development moving along smoothly.

Stories and the quest system

The final big feature we are working on is quests (and the story).

One thing we really want to avoid in Pikia is boring grind quests. If people enjoy grinding and leveling up the old fashioned way, we certainly allow it, but creating quests that force you to grind doesn't add any depth to the game.

Our team is still small, so we can't promise an extravagant story tree where your choices change the whole state of the world at any time, but we can try our best to make quests engaging and use them to bring players further into the world of Pikia.

We are planning on having a story tree that some of the quests will go along with, and that will require a few things to exist first.

  • An editor to create the story tree, link up events and NPCs, and give choices
  • The logic that parses the story tree, and applies it to the world
  • The GUI for displaying dialog, choices, and quest rewards
  • Finally, actually start creating the quest/story content

As you can see this is one of the largest features we have worked on, but it will make Pikia feel a lot more alive than without it. We are still in the planning phase for most of this work, but more updates will come soon. :)

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Bankai 08 Jan 2018
I beat the game in less than a hour, already one hit every monster. Hard to believe this game is back in development lol. I hope theres a asp server up somewhere.