Demo release: Small features and fixes

Finally we have another demo release ready! The main reason for this release is to test the new build system we have been working on, and to release a few other smaller fixes we had in the queue for a while.

Previously our system for building and releasing updates to the client and server was manual and error prone. We are now using CPack which is a feature that comes with CMake to package the client and server and upload those packages to be released when ready.

CPack also supports building installers for Windows and Apple computers, and building packages for Linux distributions. We will use these features in the future, but for now we are using archive packages (tarballs and zips).

Besides the updates for the build system, here are some other updates with this release:

  • Fix damage overflow bug in combat code
  • Add support for two-handed weapons
  • More robust validation for equipment slots/types
  • Support for splitting item stacks
  • Indicator in trade window when other player confirms trade

Item stack splitting can be done using the following keyboard/mouse shortcuts:

  • Alt + Left Click and dragging will split the stack in half
  • Ctrl + Left Click and dragging will split one off the stack

The quest system and some other small features are still underway, and we will give more updates on those as we make progress.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or bug reports please post them on the forums or on Facebook.

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