Terms of Service

You are required to follow the terms and rules contained in this page.

We reserve the right to ban you without warning for any reason.

This is not a complete list of rules, use your common sense. If something you are doing seems unfair to other players or harmful to the game, then stop doing it. Ask a Game Master (GM) for clarification if what you are doing is acceptable or not.

Pikia files

You are not permitted to distribute, hack or modify any of the Pikia files. This includes the client, art, server, code and website.

Third party programs

You are not allowed to use any third party programs with Pikia to gain an unfair advantage. This means cheats, macros, auto-typers, speedhacks, bots and other automation tools are not allowed.

Account Sharing

Do not give your password to anyone. Your account should only be accessed by you.

Multiple Accounts

You are allowed to create multiple accounts. But you are not allowed to log into multiple accounts at once to train together. If you are found breaking rules on one account and another account benefits from it in any way, we will ban both accounts.

Knowingly exploiting bugs

If you find a bug, please report it. If you find a bug and exploit it for your own gain, we will eventually find out and ban you. If you spread the bug and everyone starts using it, we will have to roll back the server to a point before the exploit spread.


Do not try to scam or deceive players to try to gain their password or items.


Harassment is intentionally interacting with a player after they have told you to stop. This could be by sending them unwanted messages. Or by kill-stealing. Harassment will be decided on a case by case basis.

Spamming of messages

Do not send multiple messages in a short period of time to fill the chat box with unnecessary text.